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My Mission To Empower 1000 Women!
After witnessing all of the terrible stories of sexual harassment and abuse of women all over the media recently, I decided something had to be done to help more women become more confident. I decided to commit myself to a personal mission of physically empowering thousands of women, beginning with one thousand in 2018.
I believe we all have someone close to us who has or is being abused, whether domestic or work related. It sickens me to see women or children being victimized.
As a self defense and empowerment coach for over 30 years, I knew I had to do something. In fact, I felt it was my obligation, considering the skills I had to offer.
Having owned a successful martial arts school for 22 years and having the opportunity to make a positive impact on so many families each day, I knew I could do it for so many more.  
The mission begins...
In order to set such a lofty goal of empowering 1000 women, there were two things that had to happen.
First, I would have to create a simple, but powerful vehicle to do it. So I did.
I created the HandsOff! Women's Self Defense and Empowerment Workshop.
I knew this was going to become huge, because since I started offering the workshop, businesses, women's groups and organizations from all over my town began inquiring about doing a workshop for their people. Imagine if this was national or global!
It became clear, I couldn't do this alone.
The second thing that had to be done was to begin recruiting others to join me on my mission.
Currently, I have been hitting the pavement and reaching out to martial arts schools, fitness studios, gyms and individuals that want to share this gratifying experience of giving back to their communities by becoming a HandsOff! instructor.
Together, not only will we reach my goal of 1000 empowered women in 2018, but many thousands more in the future.
We can do this! 

"Live with confidence. Live better."
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Our Workshops Support
Attendees Are Loving It!!!
"After completing this workshop, I am more motivated than ever to push myself to work harder. I believe it is very important to know how to defend yourself and push yourself to be able to do things you never thought you could."
- Jocelyn H. 
"I learned more than I had ever expected for self defense. I feel safer from the knowledge I gained in this one session. I will recommend this to friends, neighbors, gym friends and co-workers. It was also a great fitness workout!"
- Valerie S. 
"After finishing this workout - I feel Awake! I showed up tired and not thinking I would make it. I did and feel amazing. Empowered and happy! Thank you so much!"
- Kelly S.. 
Getting Ready To Attend A Workshop? Here's How It Works...
1. Register to reserve your spot.
Register by RSVP email, phone number or specified "Register" button. 
2. Check your email to confirm.
If registering by "Register" button, in order to complete your registration, you need to click the "confirm" link that we send to your email. Do that right away.
3. Tell your friends to register.
Even though we're confident you're going to have an amazing experience by yourself, it's even more fun if you share it with friends, family, co-workers and anyone else you care about. Go to:
4. Arrive at the event 10-15 minutes early.
When you arrive at the event, you'll have to fill out a short participation form, so please arrive a few minutes early. It's also nice to mingle a little and get to know who you're going to share this empowering experience with. 
5. Enjoy 60 minutes of pure empowerment!
Remember, this event is all about becoming more proactive with your personal security and confidence. So just have fun, do the best you physically can and enjoy the fact that you're on your way to creating your own "habit of empowerment."
6. Host Your Own Event.
Licensed Professional My Fit Defense "Hands Off!" Women's Self Defense              Instructors ("MFDHandsOff! Heroes") are happy to schedule an event for your women's groups & organizations. A great event that creates a positive impact, a special bond and gets talked about for a long time.  
         Meet Rich Kohler • Founder/Chief Instructor
Rich has been training and teaching the martial arts and self defense for over 30 years and is currently a 6th degree karate black belt. He has trained in several systems and specializes in close-range combat, even training NFL players hand techniques in the off-season.
His passion for teaching, whether it's hard-core law enforcement and military or three year old children is obvious, if you ever have the opportunity to train with him. 
He is a master motivator and his unique methods of conveying knowledge are evident in his award-winning child safety and national bully prevention programs.  
He is a dedicated supporter of domestic violence support organizations and has teamed up with major media over the years, to conduct charity events and empower thousands of women.   

"The workout & training you get with My Fit Defense isn't your typical self defense workout. It's very upbeat, energizing and empowering. A varied training of self defense, cardio and strength elements makes it a great experience for all skill levels." 

"At first, it was the practical self defense instruction and the great feeling I'd have after making it through the workout, and also that everyone is so positive and supportive. Now, it's because I fit into smaller clothes that were hiding in my closet!"

Frequently Asked Questions
Am I too old for this? / What if I have physical limitations?
Violence does not discriminate. Young or old. In good shape or not. Violent criminals normally look for "easy" targets. The "Hands Off!" workshop addresses both awareness/avoidance and physical self protection. During the workshop, there will be alternative moves and exercises offered for all physical challenges and limitations, so anyone can become more of an unattractive target for a criminal. 
Will I get hurt?
The "Hands Off!" workshop is focused on the skills, attitude and awareness it takes to effectively protect yourself from a physical attack. They are introduced at a level that is safe and professional for all ages (15+).   
How can I learn how to protect myself in only 60 minutes? 
The MFD "Hands Off!" workshop introduces effective tools, targets and the mindset to escape a real physical attack. Learning the physical skills is the easy part. It is the intent to use violence against another person that is more challenging for most people to learn. Remember, most violent criminals do not train their physical skills because they know they have the intent to harm others, which most people do not. The "Hands Off!" workshop does not end after 60 minutes. You will be encouraged to take your freshly learned skills and train them to a level of competence that will create a level of confidence that will allow you to use them against another person if necessary.  
What should I bring to the workshop event? 
You should bring what you would normally bring to a challenging fitness workout. Comfortable workout clothes, clean sneakers, a water bottle and towel. And don't forget to bring a positive attitude that's ready for an empowering experience! 
What makes this self defense workshop different from all the others? 
The MFD "Hands Off!" Women's Self Defense Workshop offers women more than just learning how to defend against violent attacks. The "Hands Off!" workshop incorporates, in addition to the self defense training, a challenging fitness routine and inspirational and motivating narrated music track to create a complete empowering experience. This fast-paced 60 minute workshop offers the physical and mental benefits of learning effective self defense moves and the invigorating feeling of completing a challenging body-weight fitness workout. The beginning of creating a habit of empowerment for a strong self-confidence and positive self-image. 
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